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What Is A Wi-Fi Access Point And Should I Use It in My Home?


If you’ve ever had trouble with your internet connection while working from home, you’re not alone. Recent research indicates that 62% of Aussies are dissatisfied with their internet connection, while one quarter of people in Australia working from home say poor Wi-Fi has hampered their productivity. 

Having good home connectivity is almost essential to well-being in today’s world. Whether you’re working remotely, have a big family that uses lots of devices, or are an avid gamer, you depend on your Wi-Fi connection for a number of tasks. Your Wi-Fi powers your online interactions, FaceTimes with friends and family, and your favorite apps. 

Too often, though, Wi-Fi is unreliable and slow. Perhaps your home router isn’t quite cutting it, or too many devices request connectivity at once. Either way, making do with dodgy connectivity can quickly leave you feeling frustrated. 

So, what’s the answer? Well, it could be to invest in a wireless access point (WAP). WAP’s are a huge help for Wi-FI dead spots, where you simply can’t get coverage in your home. WAP’s also help to improve the strength of your Wi-Fi connection so that it can handle multiple smartphones, laptops and other connected devices using internet access all at once. 

What is a wireless access point, and how does it work?

WAPs are a type of device, roughly as big as your router, that create what’s called a wireless local area network. It works by extending and heightening the power of your Wi-Fi signal, tackling issues like dead spots and weak connections. WAPs are connected directly to your router via an ethernet cable. 

Do I need a special router to use wireless access points?

No! The good news is that you can buy a WAP without upgrading your router. Most routers are compatible with WAPs, making them easy to integrate. 

Is a wireless access point the same as a range extender? 

At first glance, WAPs sound a little like range extenders. But they’re very different. While WAPs create and transmit their own Wi-Fi signal, range extenders can only extend the signal of your current router. So, if you put a range extender in a dead spot, it won’t do anything – as it won’t be able to find a signal!

By contrast, WAPs will give you a signal in these areas. That’s not to say range extenders aren’t helpful, though. Let’s say your home router is on the first floor of your home, but the WiFi signal on the second floor tends to cut out often. In these instances, a range extender can be helpful, as it will boost your Wi-Fi signal. 

What should I look for when buying a wireless access point?

The type of WAP you go for will depend on a few crucial factors. If you’re not sure where to start or you would like personalized advice about what WAP to buy for your home, give us a call on 03 9087 4389. We can help you select and install your WAP. 

Otherwise, here are some key things to bear in mind as you shop for a WAP: 

Your budget

The WAP you go for will depend on your budget. Specifications, the manufacturing brand and device capacity all impact the price of WAPs.

Standard compatibility

Older WAPs may be cheaper, but they will also have a shorter life span. As new connectivity standards come out, older WAPs will become obsolete. This means, if you’re looking for a WAP that can be used long into the future, you should look for one that has upgrade potential.

Can it handle the Australian summer heat?

This is an interesting one. Not all WAPs are designed to operate in hot climates – like Melbourne in the summer! You’ll need to choose carefully, and go for a brand that isn’t too temperature-sensitive or, at least, can operate at higher temperatures. 

Installation factors

Some WAPs can be complex to install. If you plan to install and configure your device yourself, you’ll need to check that the installation process is straightforward. On the other hand, if you’d like assistance with installing and managing your WAP, we can help you. 

Ultimately, if your Wi-Fi experience is hampered by issues like dead spots or poor connectivity, a WAP could be of excellent help to you. Before purchasing one, we advise you to get expert advice about your current connectivity, so you can buy your WAP with confidence and ensure that it gives you the desired benefits. 

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