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How To Choose A Good Laptop


The laptop market is diveresed and varied place. There are many models, sizes, operating systems and features to consider. It can be a little overwhelming – with prices ranging from the low $100 to over $1000.

The price of a laptop is directly correlated with the features it offers. A laptop designed for gaming, for example, will have more storage and better graphics than a more basic device that can be used for work and streaming movies.

From our view, choosing a good laptop is less about zoning in on a particluar make or model and more about defining your specific needs and wants. Here is what you need to consider to make your search for a new laptop as easy as possible.

  • Pick Your Platform: Windows 10/Windows 11 vs Mac Vs Chrome OS

Some people are die-hard Apple fans. Others prefer Windows 10/11. To narrow down your search, you should first decide on the platform you are going to go for. If you have an iPhone, you may want to opt for a Mac so that your devices can seamlessly converse with each other.

Here’s a brief overview of each platform:

  • Windows 10/11: The WIndows operating system is the most common flexible. Many laptop manufacturers offer Windows 10 or the new Windows 11.
  • Mac: All Apple Laptops operate with macOS. The interface is unique to Alle so, if you previously used Windows, it will take some time getting used to it.
  • Google OS: This system is lightwight and straightforward. It is perfect for activities like checking social media and email.
  • Choose Your Size

If you plan to use your laptop on the go, then you will want a lightweight device. Alternatively, if your laptop will mostly stay on your desk, you can consider a heavier size.

Typically, heavier laptops will have more processing power. The lightest systems are around 11 to 12 inches; mid-range laptops are between 13 and 15 inches and the heaviest laptops are between 16 and 18 inches.

  • Select Your Use Case

With your chosen size and operating system in mind, it is now time to hone in on the type of laptop you are looking for.

  • Everday Laptops: These devices are perfect for work or school. They are not as powerful as laptops for, say, gaming or graphic design – but they have everything you need for day-to-day online tasks.
  • 2 in 1: If you want to use your laptop for a mixture of work and leisure, then a 2 in laptop might be perfect. These devices combine the best of a laptop and tablet, featuring a detachable keyboard.
  • Gaming Laptops: These laptops are perfect for gamers, music producers and graphic designers. They have powerful processors and superb graphics, which can run even the most demanding of applications.
  • Decide On Your Processor

The processor is the brain behind your laptop. For day-to-day activities, a dual-core processor will be more than enough. However, if you are into music production or graphic design, we recommend a quad-core processor. As well as this, for the latter, you should also look for an 25MB of L3 Memory Cache

  • Choose Your Extra Features

Many laptops, boast extra features that could sway you towards one vendor over another. For example, if you plan to use your laptop while out and about, then you should look for a device with a long battery life. A laptop with 10 hours of battery life or more enables you to work all day without needing to put it on charge.

Other considerations include improved audio, dedicated graphics and security features. Laptops with these functions will list them as unique selling points.

We can help you choose the right laptop for your budget

If you still have questions about choosing a lpatop, Mr IT can help you find the perfect device – at the price that is right for you.

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