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What Is A Wi-Fi Access Point And Should I Use It in My Home?

If you’ve ever had trouble with your internet connection while working from home, you’re not alone. Recent research indicates that 62% of Aussies are dissatisfied with their internet connection, while one quarter of people in Australia working from home say poor Wi-Fi has hampered their productivity.  Having good home connectivity is almost essential to well-being in today’s … Read more

How To Choose A Good Laptop

How To Choose A Good Laptop

The laptop market is diveresed and varied place. There are many models, sizes, operating systems and features to consider. It can be a little overwhelming – with prices ranging from the low $100 to over $1000. The price of a laptop is directly correlated with the features it offers. A laptop designed for gaming, for … Read more

7 Ways to Improve Wifi Coverage Within Your House

Wireless internet has become pretty much a necessity in most homes. Especially during the pandemic, which has lef to people largely working from home offices and many students going to school online. The lockdowns impacted internet congestion across the country, causing an average rise in congestion of 6% in the nation’s capital, and Melbourne was … Read more

Melbourne’s Guide to COnquering Internet Setup: Ditch the ISP Router and Rule Your Home Network

ISP Router Internet

Is your internet chugging slower than a tram up Lygon Street on a Sunday morning? You might be shackled to a subpar router provided by your internet service provider (ISP). Do not settle for sluggish speeds and limited features! Melbourne’s vibrant digital landscape deserves a robust home network that caters to your unique needs. Breaking … Read more

Our Planned Upgrade to Cloud Servers

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